Brotherly Love

super bowl

Most of us football fans understand competition. If you played the game, or any sport you know how competition drives sport. If you have siblings and have competed against them you know that’s about as personal as it gets. While it may never be ugly or harmful, it is one battle that no brother or […]

Your Favorite Fall Events

favorite fall events in huntsville al

Working at Our Valley Events, we’re surrounded by events. Some might even say, that we live, eat, sleep, and breath events. After all it’s what we do! And we love it! Asking us to pick a favorite event is like asking us to pick up a single grain of sand: impossible. So when we wanted to recommend some great fall events, we went to our best source: YOU! After all, you’re the ones going to the events, right?

The Best Places to Watch Football

football-eating out feature

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year… And no, I don’t mean the Christmas season—I’m talking about college football, y’all!!! It brings people together like no other sport. Sure, folks might get together to watch the World Series or the Super Bowl, but you can bet that every Saturday from September through November there […]

Tailgate in Style

SEC tailgate huntsville AL

As if football season wasn’t close enough! Get set for fall this Wednesday at Status. Find all the denim and shirts you’ll need to get through another football filled fall and get food and drinks on the house. Meet the Players Better than the food and beverages will be multiple former players from Alabama and […]

Our Favorite Fall Events

favorite fall events by OVE bloggers

With less than a week left in August, it’s time to say good bye to summer and hello to fall! And all the great events and activities that this new season brings with it. Since you can’t make it to everything, we asked our bloggers to give us some recommendations. Here’s what events they’re looking forward to this […]

March Madness


March is great…not the best. So previously we debated “Sport or not a Sport” and a few people were upset…sorry. So on to another sports debate: “Is March really the best sports month of the year?” March Is Nice March is fantastic: So many games So many upsets So much to watch And of course […]