Go Dance in Huntsville!

Go Dance in Huntsville

I’ve heard the same phrase in Huntsville about a million times.  “There’s nothing to do in Huntsville” people complain “except the typical (insert Huntsville thing here) scene”. It seems that both natives and transplants of the Rocket City are searching for something fun and out of the norm to do. It might seem like there’s […]

Swan Sighting


I love seeing things behind the scenes. If you’ve ever been backstage before a performance you know exactly why. Months of hard work, stress, anxiety, anticipation and more hard work culminate in that moment when the curtain rises. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a performer in any form or fashion! And my […]

The Magic of the Ballet


Like many litte girls, I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina. (and still haven’t quite given up that dream…) Yes I was that little girl you saw wandering around the grocery store, department store, and pretty much every other place a kid is likely to go in her pink sparkly tutu. And I rocked […]