Cupcake Wizard Comes to Huntsville

justin wellman merrimack hall huntsville al

Let me start off by saying I love cupcakes. And not in the typical oh there’s a cupcake on the table, I suppose I’ll have one. Um, no… I’m more of the somebody said cupcakes?! Outta my way!! And if you get in my way, I might just shove you. Literally. Ask my friends. I […]

Epic. Comedy.


There’s nothing funnier than live comedy; and face it, we can all use a good laugh these days. You know laughing is good exercise? I read that it gives you as good a work out for your abs as sit ups. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I know you can wake up sore from […]

It's Friday, I'm In Love

AL Shakes

I borrow the timeless words and ever-sticky melody from the Cure when I say, “Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday, I’m in love.” I am in love, with the homegrown entertainment gracing the Valley this Friday. First up, for your listening pleasure, we’ve got The Alabama Shakes at Crossroads. We love introducing you to your next favorite band, and with all the buzz surrounding the group from Athens, Alabama it is the hottest ticket in the Valley this weekend. Heck, maybe ever.