Pony Painting Party

poney painting parties huntsville, alabamaDogs may be man’s best friend, but ask 80% of girls under 18 and they’ll tell you “Horses are a girl’s best friend”. After 18 it’s diamonds, of course.

I recently polled some girls about why they love horses so much:

  • They seem to understand you. They are good listeners.
  • They are so beautiful
  • There are so many sizes and colors, you never get bored of looking at them
  • It feels like you’re flying when you ride!
  • You can love them and they look like they love you back when they nuzzle you

We don’t own a horse, but my daughter and her three best friends take lessons once a week, and live on the anticipation of riding the rest of the week. *sigh*I remember those days.

Monica Yother with horseHorses?

So what is the fascination with horses? Did you know that there were 13,600,000 searches on google for “horse” in one month? That’s just in the United States! And while many girls outgrow their love of the equine, there are millions who continue to ride and eventually share it with their own daughters. I know lots of moms and daughters who share a love of horses.

That’s why my ten year old daughter and I started Pony Painting Parties in January of this year. We wanted to offer a way of doing something horsey that is affordable and fun and does not require a saddle, boots or even a horse!

We’ve had a blast and so have the girls, moms and grandmoms who have come to paint with us. In addition to the monthly party, we’ve hosted birthday parties and even had a group of ladies from a stable in town book an evening party for a “ladies night out”. We’ve even had some horse guys join us! We also donate 15% of the proceeds to horse rescue here in Madison County.

Last Chance

This Sunday, December 9 we are having our final party of the year, and we’ll have snacks and some prize giveaways as well. (hint, everyone who comes will get a free Lucky Bucky brand shirt!).

Important to note: YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PAINT OR DRAW!!!  The horse will be sketched on the 11×14 canvas for you…all you have to do is pick the colors you want to use. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING ANYTHING. We supply aprons, canvas, paints and brushes.

Event Information

Date: Sunday December 9, 2012
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment, Studio 114
Cost: $32 per person
Register:  Online here

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