Harmony Park Safari

If you live in the Huntsville area you should definitely check out Harmony Park Safari. Though it boasts a Huntsville address…

431 Clouds Cove
Huntsville, AL 35803

…it’s a bit of a drive from the city center. According to ye olde Mapquest it’s seventeen miles away from Little Rosies. And yes, I do judge everything by it’s proximity to Little Rosies.

Safari? Zoo?

The Safari is a drive through animal park with things like mountain goats, zebras, ostrich, llamas, and deer. It’s not a petting zoo because you stay in the car but that’s okay.

I mean, anything that requires you to stay in the car with the windows rolled up is a good thing, right?



Because, go air conditioning and all that.


Safari Park Huntsville Alabama

Kicking it off at the Reptile Room


When you first pull up you see the Reptile Room.

I think you are supposed to save that for last but we did it in the beginning.

My boys’ evaluation:

“YEAH reptiles!”

Safari Park Alabama

One of the many reptiles






My evaluation:


What a bunch of creepiness.

Harmony Safari Park Alabama

My littlest one enjoying the reptiles




The littlest loved the reptile room.

She was all about the baby alligators.



Harmony Safari Park Alabama

My oldest pondering






My oldest has started standing with his hands in his pockets.

It makes him look older.

Mixed feelings about this.




Harmony Safari Park Alabama

Really close





Yep, it was real and it was close.


Harmony Safari Park Alabama

What IS up with these cheeks?!




This is a…


This is the dumbest looking animal ever.

What are those cheeks doing?



Stay in the car

The Safari itself was fun.  It’s $6 a person and you have the option to buy a bucket of food. You should definitely buy the food.


Harmony Safari Park Alabama

Where’s my food?!

These guys do not take no for an answer.

They want their treats. And aren’t afraid to come and get them.

Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle

Harmony Safari Park Alabama



There is one strict rule at the Park.

It says windows are only allowed to be rolled down 8 inches.





Harmony Safari Park Alabama





When I first read it I thought it was kind of odd.

Harmony Safari Park Alabama






However I quickly learned that it’s a good rule.

Because these guys have LONG necks.

And they aren’t afraid to use them!



When you don’t feed the animals…

Harmony Safari Park Alabama

They know when you’re holding back.

They totally give you the stink eye if you didn’t toss their treats to them.

Like this guy.

He may look rather stately but he wants his treats just like all the others.



Harmony Safari Park Alabama


The whole time I was there I was fantasizing about taking clippers to the animals.

Their coats looked SO hot.








But the animals seemed happy.

I mean, just look at the expression on these two faces.

Clearly they are thrilled to be part of the Harmony Park Safari.

Harmony Safari Park Alabama

Park Information

431 Clouds Cove Road
Huntsville, AL 35803

Hours: Times vary by season. For the most up to date hours, call the park at (256) 723-3880.

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  1. Kathy Watson says

    It’s been a while since I have been there. Thanks for the reminder. Someplace fun not to far away.. Great Blog Paula

  2. Beverly Claunch says

    Very Good Write-up, Paula! I bet the kids did love seeing all those unusual animals.