Putting the Green in Green U

green u 13 With an event name like Green U, you’d expect one of two things: either festival devoted to people with an unusual obsession for the color green or an event centered around the popular green lifestyle. This weekend Green U 2013 explores the second option, green living, in a fun, family-friendly festival at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.

But just how green is Green U 2013? Let’s take a look:

The Missiongreen u 2013 kids

The Green U 2013 Festival is a day of learning, playing and talking about ways to begin or enhance living a green lifestyle.

The Money

Money. Probably everyone’s favorite green item. In this case, I’m talking about how much money it’ll take to get you in the event. And in the spirit of a green festival, you actually have 2 options to pay your way:

Option 1: Pay $5

Option 2: Bring 5 of the following recyclables to donate:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles with lids separated
  • Computer electronic components
  • Any part of the computer or any devices that plug into the wall such as lap top computers, wiring and accessories
  • New or gently used cloth diaper
steve trash at green u 2013

Steve Trash performs at Green U 2012

The Location

I doubt you could find a greener location than the Huntsville Botanical Garden. No matter what time of year, they always have something blooming!

The Activities

One of the highlights of Green U 2013 are the classes, hands-on activities and demonstrations showing how to create a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. And remember this a family-friendly event, so bring the kiddos! [spacer size=”0″]

Here’s a peak at some of Saturday’s classes and demonstrations:

  • New Developments in Solar Energy lead by the AL Solar Association
  • Energy Efficient Home lead by Steve Guessman
  • Organic Herbal Cooking by Tamara Huron
  • Food Demonstration by Chef Will
  • Canning Demonstration by Wendy Payne of Deep Roots of Alabama 
  • Performances by Steve Trash

For a complete Green U 2013 schedule, visit their website.

More Green u 2013

Want to learn more about Green U 2013?

Event Information: Green U 2013

Date: Saturday, August 24th
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: Huntsville Botanical Garden
Cost:  $5 or donation of 5 recyclables

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