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girls night out ideas huntsville alabamaGirls night out — often abbreviated in the current slang vernacular as a “GNO” — has been described by an astute sociologist as a bonding ritual performed by a group of women. Often this event is prompted by one female in the immediate circle breaking up with her significant other, or someone “putting a ring on it,” or simply a penchant for hanging with your besties and blowing off some steam.

What do you and your best friends do when you get together? One thing is for sure: quality time with friends is always in style. So be it dinner, martinis, clubbing, and yes — à la Magic Mike— a harmless male dancer (or two), there are many components involved in a successful girls outing.

If you are short on ideas for your upcoming ladies foray I’ve gathered scathingly brilliant concepts for an awesome gal pal excursion. (in no particular order)

girls night out epic comedy hourGirls Night Out #1: Epic Comedy Hour

Looking for a barrel of laughs? I’ve found it. The Epic Comedy Hour at Flying Monkey is guaranteed hilarity AND you can bring in your own beverages. The set features multiple regional comedic talent inducing serious belly-laughs.

Catch the next installment on Friday, March 29 at 8 pm for $7. This venue fills up quickly folks! Be sure to pack up the bottles of wine and get there early, ladies, for good seats.

yogatritionist girls night outGirls Night Out #2: Yoga Party

Need some peaceful time with the girls? Turn your home or backyard into your own personal yoga retreat. My favorite instructor in town is the Yogatritionist, otherwise known as Adrienne Lucas. Allow Adrienne to take you and your friends through a reflective journey inward. Heck, I even invited Adrienne out to a friend’s boat to give us a session!

Best part: instead of a hangover the next day you will have a calm spirit and a beautiful body.

Girls Night Out #3: The Dating Game

girls night out dating game at BrixThis playful event launched in March at Brix restaurant. And let me tell you, the first Dating Game was a stellar night of excellent entertainment attended by more than 100 people (wow!). Done in the style of the original 1960′s television game show, contestants are unable to see competitors but may ask them questions.

On the night of the event 3 competitors are chosen from the audience for each contestant. Then they compete with each other to win an all-expenses-paid date on the town. The twist of making it a girls night out? You can throw your bawdy girlfriend under the bus and volunteer her as a contestant! Catch the next Dating Game in April.

girls night out karaoke Girls Night Out #4: Karaoke

While this is the gold standard in girl-on-girl bonding, there is a reason belting out ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on stage at Fubar, Voodoo Lounge, or Humphrey’s is cathartic as hell. You can find all the local nightlife hotspots in the Our Valley Events nightlife directory

Here are a few songs sure to evoke your inner girl power:

  • P!nk’s ‘U + Ur Hand,’
  • Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You Been Gone,’
  • Alanis Morrisette’s ‘You Oughtta Know.’

One more tip from this karaoking pro; recruit one virgin-karaokier friend to sing along.


Girls Night Out #5: Sexy Lady Party

girls night out boudoir photoshootEver hear the term ‘boudoir?’ It is sexy and sensual, glamorous and styled, flirty and fun photography. Get excited, because it is here in Huntsville and offered by renowned photographer Allison Jansen, through Prive Boudoir. Not only does this special photo shoot make for a very memorable GNO, or bachelorette bash, you will also have a token picture to keep with you forever.

Gather up your closest girlfriends for a private party — which can include wine, champagne, hors d’oeuvres — all while defining your sexy. Each lady will have her photograph taken in a private room while the rest of the girls giggle and primp, awaiting their turn.

cafe alana shayGirls Night Out #6: Alana Shay’s Wine Tasting

Love wine? Come show off your skills at Cafe Alana Shay’s blind wine tasting. It will be fun for beginners or seasoned wine connoisseurs. Hors d’oeuvres will be paired with the blind tasting and fun door prizes will be rewarded. Save-the-Date for the perfect GNO on March 29 at 6pm.

Bottom line, you and your fabulous entourage are special because good girl friends are impossible to find. Treasure the women in your life that feel like family, who cheer you up when you’re down, who would road-trip with you at the drop of a hat, and can make you laugh no matter what.

Bronwen Murray

Bronwen Murray

Bronwen Murray is a digital marketer by day with In The Loop Communications. She holds a master of science from the Medill School at Northwestern University. Her undergraduate studies in communication were completed at Auburn University, summa cum laude. Bronwen is an avid cinephile who also enjoys freelance writing, non-profit volunteering, and international travel.

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