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Huntsville-Ghost-Walk logoLocal historian and author Jacquelyn Reeves had been on ghost walks in other towns. Those “ghost” walks were prone to embellishment and could be loose with the truth. It’s no surprise that Jacque decided to create one in Huntsville, but she had a goal in mind – to be historically accurate and only convey what the paranormal research and mediums discovered and above all to be “reverent to the past”. Heading into its 4th year, Huntsville Ghost Walk does just that.

Huntsville Ghost Walk in downtown Huntsville Alabama

Wil Elrick

Ghostly Fun

Huntsville Ghost Walk is every Saturday night at 6:00 pm beginning at Harrison Brothers Hardware (which is also where you buy tickets). They just started this month and run through October. There are three walks to choose from (and a bus ride, more on that further down):

  • Old Town Historic District
  • Twickenham Historic District
  • Haunted Downtown

Each walk lasts about two hours and has completely different stories. Oh, and there are awesome tour guides! They love what they are doing and it shows. I recently spoke to two of those tour guides to get their thoughts on this unique event.

Bob Boyer and Wil Elrick have been involved with the Huntsville Ghost Walk since that first year. When I took the Twickenham walk a couple of years ago, Bob and Wil were my guides.

I asked Bob to tell me what people can expect from the Huntsville Ghost Walk. He said, “A little bit of ghostly fun with a whole lot of Huntsville history.”

More Than Ghost Stories

A few things you can expect from Huntsville Ghost Walk

  • Wonderful storytelling
  • A historically accurate peek into Huntsville’s creepy and ghostly past
  • The gorgeous architecture of Old Town, Twickenham and downtown
  • Fun for the whole family

Huntsville Ghost Walk

As Jacque Reeves said, “We know you will have a good time!”

And the results speak for themselves. People come back to do the walks again and again!

Something you will not get from a Huntsville Ghost Walk – anyone jumping out at you and trying to scare you. As Bob Boyer told me, “You may see something spooky, but nothing is planted.” It really is all about stories and having fun.

I loved this quote from Wil; “The art of storytelling is dying. This is one way we keep storytelling alive.”

Though the guides have a script, they do put their own spin on it, and each guide offers a completely different experience.

Do You Believe?

If you believe in ghosts and are open to the paranormal, there is always the possibility of seeing something. Often pictures taken during the walks will reveal strange light orbs or strange shapes in windows.


Bob told me the Masonic Lodge and Weeden House are two locations that often produce “activity.” Though he’s never seen anything personally, people often show him pictures where “weird things were happening behind him.” Someone once took a picture of Wil and it looked as though white arms were wrapped around him!

More Information

Here are a few more details that are just good to know:

  • You don’t have to make reservations.
  • Strollers and dogs are welcome.
  • Don’t be surprised if a homeowner spontaneously comes out and talks to your group!
  • It’s family-friendly but know your kid. We are talking two hours of walking and listening (my then three-year-old in a stroller got really fidgety toward the end of our walk and ended up watching cartoons on Youtube).
  • ghost walk wil elrick

    Wil Elrick

    It’s great fun to do as a big group.

  • Don’t be afraid to break out your paranormal activity app (I’m downloading mine now).
  • Be aware that the closer we get to Halloween the bigger the groups get. Now is the perfect time to go if you prefer a smaller group.
  • Downtown has lots of fun places to visit before and after you do the Ghost Walk.

Bus Tour – The Bus tour runs August – October. This is a 90-minute tour started for those who couldn’t do the walk, but have become overwhelmingly popular. Seating is limited and tickets are available at Harrison Brothers.

Spooky Scoops

I got two scoops when I was talking to Wil and Jacque. The news kind, not the gelato kind, though I hear Sam & Greg’s is working on a Ghost Walk flavor.

Wil told me that there will be a Civil War Ghost Walk coming up later this summer. And Jacque said she is also working on an Edgar Allen Poe tour for next spring! Very exciting.

Fun Fact – All of the Ghost Walk guides are also part of the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll. Wil Elrick portrays Leroy “Father of Huntsville” Pope and Bob Boyer portrays Thomas Percy (Huntsville’s first librarian).

Event Details

Walking Tours
: Saturday nights through October
Times: All tours begin at 6pm
Cost: $10 adults, $5 children under 12
Tickets: sold in advance at Harrison Brothers or on the night of the walk
Options: There are 3 walking tours: Old Town Historic District,Twickenham Historic District, Haunted downtown
Length: around 2 hours

Trolley Tours
Dates: August through the end of October
Times: All tours begin at 6pm
Cost: $13 adults, $10 children under 12
Tickets: sold in advance at Harrison Brothers or on the night of the walk
Length: around 1 hour

Information: Visit or call 256-509-3940

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