New Year’s Eve in Huntsville

New year's eve events in Huntsville, Alabama

Growing up, there was always a magic to New Year’s Eve. All my parents’ friends would come over and bring their kids and we’d get to stay up until midnight and watch Dick Clark narrate images from Times Square and eat cookies all night. It always seemed like the entire world was united in something […]

All Events New Year's Eve

new year's eve events in Huntsville, Alabama

What are you doing for New Year’s? I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that it doesn’t freaking matter. After December 21st, you are going to be flitting around in a mysterious gaseous post-Mayan haze consisting of microscopic remnants of Jupiter, ice chips and the faint memory of your old dog spot. I don’t […]

Trunk or Treat and Light the Night

Trunk or Treat for LLS

My Grandmother. Travis Howard’s Brother. Kyla Kelly’s Sister Rachel. Your Aunt. Your Mom or Dad. Even your Child. You know someone who has been impacted by Leukemia, Lymphoma or Hodgkins Disease. And this little girl. This is Ava Campbell, and she is struggling with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but she is fighting to win. She is […]

Haunt Me Baby!

Huntsville Young Professionals halloween party

Boo Trick or Playas! What are you doing Friday Night? Huntsville Young Professionals is hosting their ALWAYS bumpin’ Halloween Party this Friday, October 26th, at Furniture Factory at 8pm. Get in the Spirit I think we all can agree that Halloween is one of the best nights of the year to go out, so start your night off right on […]

Fat Tire Festival

Fat tire festival huntsville alabama

If you ask me to define myself down to an activity, I would be hard pressed to say anything other than skiing.  But about a year ago, I discovered that I can ALMOST get the same adrenaline high that comes with charging a downhill snow chute right here in Huntsville at Monte Sano State Park–on a Mountain Bike. […]

A Patriot's Story

patriots story feature

Patriot Day, the day we remember those who were injured or lost their lives during the September 11th terrorist attacks, is coming up next week and I can think of no better way to celebrate than by hearing a true American hero tell his story. The event I’m talking about is A Patriot’s Story: Black Hawk Down at the Huntsville Museum of Art. And […]

First (and Second) Date Ideas

date feature

You’ll Have Dinner With Me Tonight. Not a question, but a statement of “this is going to happen, unless you can talk me out of it, and in that dress, you don’t stand a chance.” Your Moment There exist in your life moments—fleeting and magical moments, both past and future—that speed up your heart, pervade […]

Celebrate Freedom with Mike Durant

patriots story feature

In October 1993, a hot sticky mess approaches boiling in the cluster cursed cauldron that is Somalia. Mohamed Aidid orchestrates the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Somalis through the violent seizure of food shipments bound for a famine-plagued nation. He straight up murders them too, because hundreds of thousands is a tough number to […]

Free Baseball! Thanks Mayor.

IMG_5046 copy 2

Skip Caray always put it best when the score remained tied after nine at bats a piece. “Free Baseball!” This Tuesday every single trip to the plate, both home and the one that accompanies cutlery, will be free courtesy of supporters of your Mayor, Tommy Battle. A Night with Tommy Tuesday night, July 31st, friends […]

Huntsville Stars: All American Fun

stars feature

In the spirit of all things patriotic and American, today we’re talking about that all American past time, baseball. But not just any baseball, Huntsville’s baseball. That’s right our very own team, The Huntsville Stars. Haven’t been to a game recently? You’re missing out. Affordable Fun A night at the Huntsville Stars ballpark is probably the best […]