Double Backed

Kinsey- Featured Image

Rock climbing has been around for hundreds of years and was first unearthed through mountaineering. Early climbers in Europe began to form routes techniques grading systems even gear Big walls, such as Dolomites (first climbed by Emilio Comici in 1930) and Yosemite (U.S. climbers started to aid and free climb in the 60’s and 70’s), can take […]

Parallel Pre-schoolers: Indoor Rock Climbing

rock climbing at Athletic Club Alabama

Putting on their harnesses. Weaving the rope through their belay loops. Scooping up some chalk (also known as magic climbing dust). Reaching out to scale up the wall. Oh yes, folks, these mighty 4-year-old twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2, are taking their first send up one of the 25-foot tall routes at Athletic Club […]

The Crossfit Tribe

crossfit nomad Madison Alabama

You’ve seen these athletes on television during the CrossFit Games as they power cling and push jerk gigantic rubber weights with a mighty steel bar above their heads. AMRAP, kipping, WOD, the box – what do these letters and words mean to the outward eye? It seems as though CrossFit has taken on a character […]

Count Your Cadence!


Pump up your tires, grease up your chain and and put it in first gear as you  join your other spoke-friendly folks for the 4th Annual Mayor’s Bicycle Ride this Saturday, May 5 at 10 a.m. Mayor Tommy Battle of Huntsville is quite the advocate for cyclists in the city, which is why he is pedaling for Bicycle […]

Get Your Green On!


The clovers are calling your name as St. Patrick’s Day luckily approaches!   With the weather balancing out to perfection, it’s hard not to want to burst into song and run through fields of green or down trails, lined with poppies and wild flowers!  Get ready, Huntsville, because this weekend is a pot ‘o’ gold […]

Footsloggin' Fetish


The raindrops pelt the already wet ground as the tree roots and leaves soak up the water like thirsty camels. These past and upcoming months of January and February have sent many outdoor enthusiasts in a tizzy. A day of rain, followed by a day of sunshine, with another day of storms – it’s rock […]