A Little Mouse Comes to the Big City

stuart little at fantasy playhouse

The moment I stepped foot into the Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater, a little less than two weeks before opening night, there was a contained chaos and buzz of excitement over a mouse named Stuart Little.  Stuart Little, the endearing classic by E.B. White about a mouse born into an ordinary New York family whose adventures—both […]

Family Date Night

family date night in Huntsville, Alabama

Parents of  a two year old girl and a five year old boy are usually, well, tired.  But even as tired parents it is not only important to make special time for yourself and with your spouse, but it is also important to spend time together as a family.  This is why I find myself […]

Frugal Holiday Shopping Tips

holiday shopping tips

It’s that time of year when everyone starts gearing up for Christmas shopping.  Many of us avid frugal shoppers shop for Christmas and other special occasions all year long, but for the average shopper the day after Halloween usually starts engines running and wheels turning on shopping for gifts for loved ones.  Here are my […]

Frugal Fair

Fairs in North Alabama

Most of the time when parents hear “let’s go to the fair” we really hear “let’s spend more money than we have sense,” because let’s face it, the fair can be expensive especially for a large family. Here are a few tips on how to spend less when heading out to the fair grounds. Food […]

Mammoth Sized Fun at the Space and Rocket Center

mammoth and mastodons exhibit US Space and Rocket Center Huntsville AL

Recently I was in New York visiting family and we made my poor brother in law take us to do all the touristy things that all “real” New Yorkers hate.  One of the things we did was take my five year old son to the American Natural History Museum.  My brother in law, who has […]

Frugal Family Fun at The Children's Corner

feature-kids corner

After the last day of school last week I decided to take my four year old preschool graduate out on the town for an afternoon of fun.  When my husband got home from work, I passed off the baby and off we went, headed to downtown Huntsville for the Greene Street Market and the new […]

The Library: More Than Just Books


Until last year the last time I stepped into a library I was writing my last term paper.  Yes, I am aware this reveals my age because most students do research online now.  I remember checking out books when the card in the back  was stamped with the date in which it had to be […]

Love Thy Neighbor: Serving the City as One


Washing a car, folding clothes, or making a sandwich … these are things we all do on a regular basis. They are simple tasks, but imagine hundreds or thousands of people volunteering to do simple tasks like these to love thy neighbor, and what an impact that could have. Service in Action That idea is […]

An Ode to Seuss


The second day of March should be in your brain, like on your white shirt sits a grapey – grape stain. It is a day like no other, as one can deduce, it’s the birthday of the great Dr Seuss! Story after story I read to my young’uns it twists my tongue and makes my […]

Mr. Holland's Frog

What happens when a former clarinet player meets and falls for a former sax player?  Or a couple of nerdy band camp kids have kids of their own?  A home filled with music and a little boy who sings made up songs like a jazzy scat-style diddy about his baby sister who will not wear […]